Property Refurbishment and Home Renovation in Worthing | Your Repair and Restoration Choices

Those who have owned properties over many years may find that they are in disrepair through a lack of maintenance or through decades of wear and tear. Others may have bought a home in dilapidation as a “fixer-upper” to sell on at a profit after doing some work on it. Our builders, who are based in Worthing, help owners from every walk of life with property refurbishment and home renovation services which also cover any structural work.

New home builds give buyers a blank canvas to work with, but that isn’t to say a refurbishment or renovation project can’t include some improvements. When bringing Worthing homes back to a good state of repair, we can also integrate loft conversions, garage conversions and property extensions.

What you do with your home is entirely up to you.

Below, we look at the main differences between property refurbishments and home renovations in closer detail. With the right information to hand, you can use our builders and tradespeople confidently knowing you have chosen the most appropriate service for your personal needs and requirements.

Property Refurbishment

Compared to a home renovation, a property refurbishment is much smaller in terms of scale and scope. Refurbishments in Worthing won’t require any structural work. The focus of our builders and trades will mainly be on basic repair work, general maintenance, retrofitting damaged features and having the interior or exterior decorated. With property refurbishments, we can cover everything from a single room to one floor or even the entire building.

If you have had loft conversions, garage conversions or property extensions undertaken which have fallen into disrepair, we refurbish those too. At MG Construction, we also convert and extend new home builds in Worthing.

Home Renovation

If a property has fallen into serious disrepair and dilapidation, our builders and trades upscale the project specification so it becomes a home renovation. A common issue with dilapidated properties in Worthing is subsidence. This can be dealt with by underpinning the building. Underpinning is structural work that stabilises the foundations. And, where a property refurbishment will only need minor repairs, a home renovation could require significant attention.

While more disruptive than refurbishments, renovations give you a chance to make major improvements. In addition to structural work and repairs, we can undertake loft conversions, garage conversions or property extensions too. The purpose of home renovation projects, much like property refurbishments, is to restore an original condition to what were once new home builds.

When you hire the builders at MG Construction for property refurbishments and home renovations, you are buying into the ideas and successes of an established company from Worthing that makes professionalism, pride and passion the hallmarks of trading. Because our services have scale, it is just as simple to choose us for new home builds and major structural work as it is to have loft conversions, garage conversions or property extensions built.

Our excellent communication skills, and always seeing the customer as the most important part of our business, are also the keys to our success.

For property refurbishment and home renovation in Worthing, call our builders on 01903 495 340 or 07803 899 242.