Home Renovation in Lancing, Steyning and West Sussex | Located in the Worthing Area

A home renovation differs to a property refurbishment in terms of scale. If a property needs some maintenance and repair work to bring it back to a good condition, the trade classes the job as a refurbishment. When a build falls into serious dilapidation and requires structural work as well as basic maintenance and repairs, builders refer to the project as a home renovation.

The team at MG Construction is based in Worthing and specialises in both.

Covering all parts of West Sussex including the nearby Lancing and Steyning areas, we can renovate to a high standard and deliver end results which are stunning in design. With a full range of manual trades available to support the work of our builders, we can come in to make a dilapidated home fit for modern living, or desirable enough to catch the eyes of a prospective buyer if you have purchased a property in disrepair with the intent of selling it.

MG Construction is the name to trust with your home renovation needs.

Design, Planning and Construction

One of the first things we can do for you is to survey the property, check the condition and see if everything complies with current Building Regulations for the UK. This means we need to consider the electrical, plumbing and heating installation standards as well as any structural issues and things which have fallen into a poor state of repair. Upon completion of the survey, we consult with the owner to learn more about what they want from a home renovation.

Should a renovation require planning permission, we can offer you our help and advice to increase the chances of gaining local authority approval.

Whereas a refurbishment can factor in minor repairs to a single room, a home renovation in Worthing, Lancing or Steyning will usually focus on all interior and exterior works. On the structural side of things, our builders can underpin in the event of subsidence or, for an open-plan layout with more natural light, MG Construction removes the dividing walls and can install RSJ beams.

Our full range of services for home renovations include:

  • Removal and remodelling of load-bearing walls
  • Structural repairs and underpinning
  • Interior maintenance, repairs and restorations
  • Plastering, painting, decorating and tiling
  • Exterior rendering, painting and decorating
  • Electrical, plumbing and heating upgrades
  • Temporary roof structures and roofing repairs
  • Repair, replacement and restoration of chimneys

In terms of pricing, by scale alone, a home renovation will always be costlier than a refurbishment. The project, which we will manage from concept to completion, will need the full attention of general builders, groundworkers, carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers and roofers. A sizeable range of skillsets like these come at a price, but we are competitive with our quotations and always look at your potential return on investment.

If you need us to renovate a property in Worthing or any location in Lancing, Steyning or West Sussex, MG Construction would love to hear from you.

For home renovation in Worthing, Lancing, Steyning and West Sussex, call our builders on 01903 495 340 or 07803 899 242.