Property Extensions and Loft Conversions in Steyning | The Merits of Additional Room Space

If you have been in the same property for many years, love your home and feel a part of the community, relocating won’t be an option. If the children are in good schools, you’ll feel even less inclined to move. The builders at MG Construction can transform how you live in your Steyning home by creating habitable space through loft conversions and garage conversions. You also have the option to have property extensions undertaken by our company.

Those with grander design ideas can use us for new home builds if they own land in Steyning and can obtain planning permission. Keep in mind that you can have rooms converted or extended as part of a property refurbishment or home renovation project which, if required, can include structural work.

Here, we look at the relative merits of converting and extending, and we also explain what our builders and tradespeople can do for you in more detail.

Loft Conversions

The chances are that your attic space has become a home for old Christmas decorations and clutter. Loft conversions clear that space and make it more habitable. Based on your property’s design and layout, you can have your loft converted with rooflights, or in dormer, mansard and hip-to gable styles. If there is no major structural work involved, and if our builders work to specific criteria, then loft conversions fall within your permitted development rights.

Unlike new home builds and most property extensions, this means you won’t need planning permission from your local authority in the Steyning area.

Garage Conversions

Our builders also create garage conversions within permitted development if the footprint of the home doesn’t increase. Like loft conversions, a converted garage will make better use of space you already have rather than add to it. There are regulations in place to ensure electrical and fire safety, as just two examples, if you intend to use garage conversions as habitable space. Some homeowners in Steyning use them as extended kitchens or as home offices.

You can have a garage converted as a standalone project or, if you prefer, we can do the work as part of a property refurbishment or home renovation.

Property Extensions

Compared to loft extensions and garage conversions, property extensions in Steyning cost more but increase the overall footprint of the home. The job will require clearance, excavation, ground and structural work, but the increase in property resale value will be higher compared to that of converted lofts and garages. Some extensions will require planning approval, especially a larger wraparound or over-structure, which we can help you to obtain.

Because they add floorspace, property extensions can be considered new home builds although builders tend to see them more as “room additions”.

In much the same way that there are major differences between property refurbishments and home renovations in Steyning, so it is that there are many differences between loft conversions, garage conversions and property extensions. Because we plan and design conversions and additions to a bespoke specification, picking the right service can sometimes be a tough choice. When structural work comes into play, some homeowners decide to convert rather than extend because they don’t want to deal with upheaval.

We assure you that disruption will never be a problem.

MG Construction maintains clean, tidy and safe sites in Steyning so, if you choose us for new home builds and property extensions instead of having a loft or a garage converted, you will still benefit from a neat workspace and the professionalism, pride and passion of our dependable team of builders.

For loft conversions, garage conversions and property extensions in Steyning, call our builders on 01903 495 340 or 07803 899 242.