Structural Work in Worthing, Lancing and all Locations in the Surrounding West Sussex Area

MG Construction is a specialist in structural work and has a knowledgeable team of builders with more than 20 years of experience. Our understanding of a property’s fabric, and our commitment to the delivery of high-end solutions with a safety-focused approach, has made us a preferred choice for all phases of construction. Located in Worthing, we can offer structural services in all parts of West Sussex including the nearby Lancing and Steyning areas.

We undertake structural work for new home builds and property extensions to ensure their stability on handover, and our builders can also make structural changes on home renovation projects. Our collaborative outlook makes MG Construction adept in our appraisals, our design work and our alterations.

Having worked with architects, surveyors, developers and property owners at incredibly close quarters over so many years, our company and the builders on our payroll have the flexibility needed to integrate or adapt structures on domestic properties of every kind, including period homes in West Sussex.

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Structural Services

With skilled personnel, a strong technical background and the ability to assess the customer’s needs quickly, MG Construction can review the project during the site survey phase and identify the need for structural work with timescales and budgets in mind. Should a project in Worthing, Lancing or Steyning need urgent temporary works, we promise to be adaptable in our service delivery and 100% focused on maintaining a strong health and safety culture onsite.

Our structural services include:

Propping – During a home renovation project, our builders use propping and needling to provide structural support. Propping offers temporary support for loads during construction. Inserting steel needles achieves the same results.

Foundations – The pouring of RC concrete to create foundations for a build is a core aspect of our structural work. To facilitate this, our company can use its experience to clear land, excavate and set up formwork or falsework.

Excavation – Bulk excavation is a critical part of the groundworks phase on all construction projects. We can complement the preparation of land ahead of pouring foundations by integrating drainage and pipework for the utilities.

Underpinning – Subsidence can lead to large cracks in a property’s wall and concerns become even higher if those cracks run diagonally. Underpinning is a technique often used by builders to reinforce the strength of foundations.

Load-Bearing Walls – The removal of a load-bearing wall takes away part of a build’s support. On refurbishments and renovations with open-plan designs, we can add hidden posts and beams as part of the structural work program.

Temporary Works – Some phases of construction require builders to access a part of the property without structural support in place. In situations like these, we can arrange to have temporary pillars or scaffolds built to bear the load.

As you can see, structural work plays a key role in many areas of construction, and it is just as important when our builders undertake property refurbishment and home renovation projects here in Worthing and the surrounding Lancing, Steyning and West Sussex areas. Safety is at the heart of any job that needs structural alterations. MG Construction carries an impeccable safety record, and we have resources in place to keep building on our accomplishments.

Put your trust in our capable hands and leave everything else to our team.

For structural work in Worthing, Lancing, Steyning and West Sussex, call our builders on 01903 495 340 or 07803 899 242.